There's a lot more going on around you than you realize

Kiwi knows what's happening in your area and recommends events you’ll want to attend when you have the time.

Event recommendations:
  • Movie
  • FB events
  • Concert
  • Your Input

Get your friends involved

Kiwi connects with Facebook to recommend relevant events your friends plan on going to. Invite friends by sharing event details using Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Plan details, discuss and share

Coordinate event details with friends and discuss where to meet on Kiwi’s Event Page.

Remember the good times

Relive those special moments after the event by sharing comments, photos, and even files to the Event Page.

There's a lot more going on than you realize

Savor Kiwi’s intelligence and relevance

Not just a full-featured calendar platform, Kiwi learns your interests and relationships with friends to suggest events personalized to your taste.

Effortlessly sync with existing calendars

Kiwi Calendar makes integration painless by instantly and automatically syncing with your Apple Calendar or Google Calendar account.

Access Kiwi from home or on the go

Kiwi offers multiplatform support on mobile and desktop. Kiwi currently support web browsers, and iOS. iPhone and iPad versions support native iOS7 and can be accessed offline.